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Conceptual Fine Art Photography


Welcome to Conceptual Fine Art Photography!

Angela’s Photography Specializes in Theme Shoots. These shoots are very creative and fun for all ages!

I create the theme with costumes, props, hair, makeup and accessories!

Recent themes have been Red Riding Hood, Snow Queen. Fairies and Witches… in the Woods. They are very popular!

I have created an area in my timber woods that I call the Forest room that is very cool for various scenarios, and it allows us to get the Perfect Shot! And besides, it is very fun!

I am always looking for models that would like to participate in this experience. You will receive images for your portfolio and can also order any prints for future use.

We can also do on location shoots, if there is a special area, that you want that perfect shot taken! There may be additional fees at certain locations.

Let me know when you want to schedule that special photo shoot and I will get your costumes, and wig ready! Or I will just use your beautiful hair with braids and extensions and crowns and tiaras!!

Looking forward to seeing you in the woods….or where ever your creativity takes you!

Call me at 308-440-1267 to get your shoot scheduled.


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