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Angela's Story

Through the years, I have developed an appreciation and respect for the value of art. Art is a universal language that encapsulates the human experience with inspiration and hope.

Photography is a medium that I have always been interested in. I purchased my first camera in 2010 and started teaching myself how to create a photograph. Learning to use photography equipment is one aspect; however, developing the eye and the heart to make it into an art form is another matter.

My special interest is landscape and nature photography. When I am enjoying a beautiful landscape, I feel that I am in my sanctuary with God, receiving a blessing. Early on, I wanted to share that inner feeling of each special second of the shutter closing, so that each person could experience the exact same feeling, as if they were there at that very second.

After sharing photographs with others, I realized the power of photography. It is such a joy to see others immerse their mind and heart into a photograph, sharing what it means to them as it brings back a special memory or experience. It is so great to see how others relate to this art form, and what it means to them personally and emotionally.

What has been just as exciting is when a person will purchase a print so that they can enjoy it even longer in their home!

I have received numerous blessings from photography, including meeting many interesting people. I immensely enjoy the landscape that God has created. It brings me a great sense of pride helping others who want to learn photography. I also enjoy promoting and presenting my works in galleries and exhibits, which is very fun, but lots and lots of work!

When I started photography I set many personal goals, and some of them have been achieved. I am currently a member artist of the Red Path Gallery in Seward, Nebraska; a contributing photographer for Nebraska Life Magazine, and have been published in two books and a calendar.

You will enjoy a few award winning photographs in the Photo Galleries. I have traveled around Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Lake Superior, Smokey Mountains and Yellowstone to capture breathtaking photographs.

My most recent goal attainment is this website. This has been a personal objective of mine for many years and I am very excited and proud to share my photography with you!

I trust and hope that Angela’s Photography brings you a smile and a warm heart, as you enjoy each photograph that was taken with love and joy!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I am looking forward to the time when I can photograph something special that you will be proud to showcase in your home or office.

Hope to see you out there!

Angela’s Photography